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Art of Brigade Temporelle


In order to illustrate Adventures Into Digital Comics, Director Sebastien Dumesnil contacted a lot of comic books and webcomics artists to show a large diversity of content and style. futurealstudio.com offers you a glimpse of every comic represented in the film.

[ Brigade Temporelle ]

Brigade Temporelle is a French comic book series written by Jean-Marc Lofficier pencilled and inked by Timothy Green II, and colored by Olivier Peru and Stephane Peru. It was originally published by French company Lug, followed by a short stint for Lug's follow-up, Semic.

The series was created by French writer Claude J. Legrand and Spanish artist Edmond Ripoll and was originally published in Futura in 1972. In the first series, published in Futura #1-10, 20th century archeologist Jason Spell is recruited to become a member of "Delta Hand 28", an operative unit of the Time Brigade, a time-traveling organization from the 40th century. "Delta Hand 28" receives its order from the Thumb, a super-computer. Its members are Khanor (the Operations Leader), the beautiful Varna Zelton, Spell, and the intelligent chimpanzee Minus.

In the second series, published in Futura #19-26, the heroes discover that the Brigade is secretly controlled by a group of Immortals who have been on Earth since prehistoric times. They originate from Mu, the Solar System's tenth planet which was destroyed in a civil war.

The Time Brigade made its big return in 2001 and 2002 in a few short stories, all of them written by Lofficier and drawn by Green. These short stories were followed by a graphic novel, La Guerre du Graal, released in 2005. Brigade Temporelle is now part of Lofficier's Hexagon Comics.

[ Brigade Temporelle ]


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