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Jean-Marc Lofficier


[ Jean-Marc Lofficier ]

Jean-Marc Lofficier is a writer of books and comic books about science fiction and fantasy. With his wife, Randy, Lofficier has co-authored half a dozen books about movies and television, as well as numerous comics and translations, including the Moebius graphic novels. In 1990, in recognition of their distinguished career as comic book writers, translators and editors, Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficier were presented with the Inkpot Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comic Arts.

Lofficier has also collaborated with his wife on a number of animation and live-action feature scripts and teleplays. He is also a founding member of Hollywood Comics, a company founded in 2000 with his wife to package comic book properties for publishing, motion pictures, television and the Internet. Lofficier has an MBA from the Paris Business School (ESCP) and a Law Degree from the Sorbonne.

Jean-Marc Lofficier appears in Adventures Into Digital Comics and his work on Brigade Temporelle and Strangers is also featured in the film.


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