How to differentiate between Ebooks and Digital books

The era of reading books online has brought a revolution in the way we used to read books. While reading online books it is important that people understand the difference between Ebooks and digital books. People tend to think that they are all the same but they are entirely different.

First let’s discuss about digital books and then we move on to ebooks:

Digital books are mostly hard copies of the actual paper books. They are scanned copies that are mainly available in PDF formats. These days you can find various designs of digital comics available online. These comics are very different from the physical comics that we used to read. They are available at discounted rates and the biggest advantage is that they won’t go out of sale. The digital versions of these books provide interactive viewing experience and you can find them in any of the online stores like Amazon, apple store etc.

If you’re on the lookout for a whole series of the digital books of a specific comic book then you can search them online and get them at cost effective rates. It is really difficult to buy older versions of a specific series in a library or physical book store. With the online stores you get the advantage of buying any of the versions without any compromise on the reading experience. One of the biggest publishers of digital comic books are Marvel and they have been coming up with some of the best books available in the market. It is always good to go with a professional in any field. For example if you’ve been on the lookout for a good roof repair company in the South bend roof repair then you will contact a professional company like

Amazon offers these digital books in kindle edition and Mobipocket has come up with its MOBI version.

Now let’s move on to ebooks:

Ebooks are completely different from what we mentioned about digital books. Though ebooks are available digitally on the internet but they are not scanned copies. They have been written and designed online. These ebooks tend to be self help books or some kind of manuals and some of them are never published. There are smaller sized ebooks that comprise of only 50 to 100 pages and the writers upload them online without publishing them. One can say that the ebooks are mainly used to distribute instructions, manuals, ideas, history, etc. They tend to be quite helpful for students for writing essays and contain educational information.

It is very easy to create these books as they don’t require any interactive design. There are very few ebooks that require some kind of cartoon or design. But when it comes to digital books it is important to provide designs as they depict various characters from real life books. You can easily reduce the size of the ebook at will and create valuable content in lesser pages but with digital books this is not the case.

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